Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I got to experience two thrilling events today.

One was seeing The Last Supper. In person. Incredible. The other was riding on the back of a scooter through the streets of Milan. Don't worry, Mom, I was wearing a helmet. And the driver was Roberto, the IES Milan Director, and it's really not good for business to kill off any study abroad advisors - especially when their university sends the most students.

This is a picture of the central train station in Milan, where I arrived. I liked the artwork and the colors, and have found it to be indicative of the city as a whole. They use a lot of bright colors in the public decorations, and it all feels very modern and vibrant.

Tomorrow is my last full day in Italy, and then Friday morning I have an early flight from Milan to London, and then London to Denver. My appointment with Bocconi University is at 11:30, so I'm planning to use the morning to visit the Duomo. You can climb all the way to the top and get a view of the whole city, and even the Alps. It's the largest Gothic cathedral in the world - twice as big as Notre Dame (take that, Paris). Best of all (and I mean this in all travel-weary seriousness) it's close to my hotel so I can make it there without getting lost. Of course I got lost walking to the IES center this morning. If Milan is a grid, the Pope's not Catholic.

Love you all and look forward to being back home! I also look forward to seeing these furry beauties, who tried their best to get packed along with my suitcase.


  1. I'm really glad you had a safe, fun, two-wheeled experience! I hope Roberto talked you into sitting at the handlebars so he could snap a picture of you on his scooter - would love to see it.

  2. PS - please do not interpret the previous post as a suggestion that you eat the food at MickeyD's, just to go in and read the menu for us.