Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ciao, Italia!

One last entry (at least from Italy). This one is from the lobby computer of a hotel that is not the one I booked. The room I booked for 3 nights turned out to only be available for 2, and they didn't have any more space so they sent me to another hotel. This one is even nicer, though, so I'm not complaining.

I visited Bocconi University today, which is a presitigous business school here in Milan. I thought it might be a little intimidating, but the people were very friendly. Our official meeting was in a room that was totally white with a long glass table and tile floors. Very cold, unfeeling, and business-like. I had coffee afterwards with 3 DU students. It turns out to be a good thing I chatted with them, as I was able to disabuse them of the notion that their grades from Bocconi will come back to DU as pass/fail. Darren in particular looked a little nervous upon hearing the news and kept asking clarifying questions. Since they are directly enrolled in an Italian school, the assessment is very different from the U.S. version. Their entire grade is based upon one final exam. I think Darren will be studying a little harder for the rest of the semester!

Early flight and long travel day coming up. Wish me luck!

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