Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Small towns are better

I've only been in Perugia for an hour, but already I love it here. The cab driver charged me less than he needed to, rounding down instead of up on the total, and there was a small greeting party when I arrived at the hotel, just wanting to make sure that I made it safely. They also left a little gift bag in the room for me. Chocolates are Perugia's thing, and how nice of them to start me off with a whole bag of them!

Leaving Rome got a little hairy. I hopped on a bus (well, it was actually more of an awkward run with my suitcase, barely squeezing in at the door) and took it to the main train station. I had heard rumors about crowded buses and roving hands, and let me just say it's all true. Ick. Dirty old men. But I made it to the train station for only 1 Euro (you're welcome, DU), and caught a 6pm train to Perugia that arrived at 9pm.

Tomorrow is a full day, but I'm looking forward to it. No travel and no school to find. They are going to meet me in the hotel lobby in the morning, bless their hearts. I already don't want to leave.

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  1. I'm breathing a little easier now : ) I like to think of you being taken care of!

    I sent you an email, in case you haven't been checking.

    Cold and windy here; hope it's better there!