Friday, December 11, 2009

London, eh?

Ahh, the adventures of travel. I was so pleased this morning to make the train on time that runs from downtown Milan to the airport. The flight boarded on time, and everything seemed to be fine, but once we were on the plane, things changed . . .

Fog in London was causing delays, and they estimated we had 2 hours to wait before taking off. Three-and-a-half hours later, we finally left, but arrived too late for me to make my connecting flight to Denver. After that I stood in the customer service line for 2 hours waiting to see what they could do. Fortunately, there was a man from Denver in front of me in line who was pleasant to talk to and let me use his phone to call BA just in case something opened up more quickly that way. The best part, though, was when I heard my name and turned around and saw Reed! I was sure he had made the flight and was comfortably on his way home, but it turns out his flight from Glasgow had mechanical problems, so he missed it too. So good to see a familiar face, because I've about had it with traveling alone and navigating new transportation systems every day. BA put us on the same flight back tomorrow that leaves at 12:30pm and arrives at 3:30pm.

Now we're at a hotel near the airport. Since Reed is familiar with London, the plan is to go downtown and see some of the sights. He looks pretty tired, though, so I'll see if he's still up for it.

Wish I were home, but glad I'm not alone!


  1. I hope you get to (got to?) do a little sightseeing, though you might be full of sightseeing by now!

    Snow on the ground, but sunny here. Rosie's getting her hair done this morning; her appointment was cancelled Monday because of weather.

    Can't wait to see you!

  2. I did! I took some pictures, which I'll show you when I get back. Reed and I managed to see quite a bit tonight, so it was fun. Very ready for bed now, though . . .

    Can't wait to see you too!!!

  3. Sweet dreams, and safe traveling!