Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 2 (a day late)

I have a couple of minutes so I'm going to try and sum up yesterday. Mostly, I just want to share some pictures.

The two remaining students showed up, so Joe caught them up to speed and I stayed busy recording the voiceovers. We took a 2-hour lunch so that we could visit the famous sculpture garden (and stayed on an hour later). It was a beautiful day and the light was perfect. Norway is a winter wonderland.

After the workshop, Joe and I wandered through downtown to see the sights. We hoped to find something to eat, and thought we had when we found a pub. As it turned out, it was the type that doesn't serve food, but we were too tired to move, and since we'd had a late lunch, we decided beer for dinner was just as well. Robin joined us again, and we had a fun evening.

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