Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunset in Athens

It was a beautiful, sunny day when I landed in Athens. My taxi driver was friendly and pointed things out to me during the forty minute drive to the hotel. I checked in, dropped off my bags, grabbed a map and headed back out immediately. It's an hour later in Greece than in Italy so I knew I didn't have much time if i was going to see the acropolis. Unfortunately it was closed, so I didn't get to go inside, but there is still a lot to see from the outside, and since it is situated in a hill I got some excellent views of the city.

I thought it would be more difficult language-wise but it's actually a little easier than Italy. Since I don't recognize any words at all, or even letters for that matter, I'm not distracted by them. I just concentrate on finding the English. The Greeks themselves don't seem to expect any foreigners to speak their language, and are pretty comfortable with English.

So comfortable, in fact, that two different women talked me into buying jewelry from their shops. I intended to buy jewelry anyway, but they were quite persuasive. Apparently I don't look old enough to be 32 (ahem) and i need to be very careful with my bag because men will come after me. Both women waited until after the transaction to give me the safety advice. I wonder if that's only reserved for customers . . .

It's about 6:30 now and already quite dark. I feel like i could go to sleep on the spot. Once again tired and a bit travel weary. No flights tomorrow! That's a relief. I'm really looking forward to being on a quiet little island and sleeping in.

I'm not sure why but the pictures i took today wouldn't download to the iPad. Hopefully I can get them on later, and if so will post a few.


  1. Are you able to post from your iPad now?

    Rosie stayed here this afternoon while Linda prepared for our annual Christmas dinner tonight, then we took her back after. She's doing well - I'm sure she misses you, though : )

  2. Yes, I'm able to post from the iPad but not pictures. I'm sending those to field and he is posting them for me.

    I miss Rosie!!! Glad she's in good hands :)

  3. I'm very envious--Greece at sunset... I'm enjoying your blog and even though it sounds lonely at times, you seem to be holding your own very well!

    See you soon--Diane