Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I didn't go far afield today but was successful in my quest for sunglasses. I also toured a small museum that has pottery pieces and wall paintings uncovered from ancient times. The hotel owner pointed me to a taverna where i had a good lunch. I need to adjust to Greek portions. I ordered a dish and a salad, which in italy would have made sense, but here it is equivalent to two meals. The main dish was pasta with calamari. Yummy, but when i took the first bite I remembered something Jan had told me - Greeks overcook their pasta.

Otherwise, I just wandered around town, browsed some of the shops and enjoyed the ocean views and the fresh air. It was i the mid-60s today which I thought was pleasant but many people were wearing coats and complaining of the cold.

The sunset was indeed beautiful, and hopefully this picture does it some justice. A little black and white kitty joined me for the viewing.

Tomorrow I plan to rent a car (!) so i can tour the rest of the island. It's only 30 euros for a 24-hr rental and the hotel owner said he would set it up for me. I would never, ever, ever consider trying to drive in Athens, but roads around here are pretty quiet so I'm hoping to avoid disaster. It's really the best way to see everything.

P.S. Just a note about my room. It's lovely and labeled the lavender room, but oddly decorated in yellow.

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