Saturday, November 27, 2010

Off to Rome!

Hello, friends. I'm excited to be headed back to Italy and continuing the travel blog. I realize now I should not have named this one "Italy Site Visit 2009." Chalk it up to my pessimism--I really didn't expect to be getting another site visit, what with all the gloom and doom talks about budget cuts.

But here I am! Ticket in hand (in the electronic sense) and almost ready to go. I had a scare last night when I couldn't find my passport. What a rookie move. I can't tell you how many times every week I warn students to make sure they know where their passport is. And then I go and wait until the last minute to find mine.

This is my itinerary:

Nov. 28 - arrive in Rome
Nov. 29 - visit Arcadia Rome Center
Nov. 30 - Fly to Sicily
Dec. 1 - visit Arcadia Center in Siracusa
Dec. 2 - fly to Lecce (through Rome; apparently all flights lead to Rome)
Dec. 3 - visit Arcadia Center in Lecce
Dec. 4 - fly to Rome
Dec. 5 - fly to Athens
Dec. 6 - Visit Arcadia Center in Athens
Dec. 7-9 - vacation in Santorini!!
Dec. 10 - fly home

Since all of the programs I'm visiting are through Arcadia, this itinerary is much simpler than last year's. And I finally got smart and tacked some vacation time onto the end. You can't be in Greece and not visit one of the islands, right??

My layover is in Frankfurt so I should have time to post from there. Otherwise, you'll hear from me in Italy. I can already taste the coffee!

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