Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hello, Rome!

Today was a good day. I was trapped in the haze of jet lag for most of it, but the kind people of arcadia let me sneak in a little nap before dinner. Dinner was actually aperativo with 3 students and the Arcadia director, Tina. That's where you go early (7 pm is early for dinner here), buy a drink, and get a big selection of appetizers. The food here does not disappoint. Lunch was pasta with tomato, pancetta and sage. Yum. And the cappuccino! I can't understand why it's so much better than coffee back home, it just is.

I had dinner last night at the Hotel and fell into conversation with a couple of gentleman who were also eating alone. It was kind of awkward because we were all sitting relatively close together but at separate tables. Once we started talking it was more natural. (come to think of it, the seating arrangement reminds me of Thanksgiving this year. What was the quote? Too close to ignore, too far away to engage?). They were both in town for business - Andy from England and Anders from Sweden. I love getting the chance to speak with people from all over the world. I also love the fact that I'm also here on business, technically speaking, but it doesn't feel like work. Yes, i had meetings today, but it's all interesting and the people are wonderful. Plus, part of my job is to learn more about Rome and they help me do that. Tina knows an amazing amount of the history and people.

Tomorrow morning i fly to Sicily. I'm really excited to learn more about that area. From what i understand, it's essentially a different country from Italy. Something tells me they've got food figured out too, so let the culinary adventures continue! By the way, I forgot my camera today but will most definitely be taking pictures tomorrow.

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