Sunday, November 29, 2009


It seems to me that travel - the nitty gritty parts of waiting in line, showing your passport, taking off your shoes, waiting in line - is a quest for comfort. You have very little control over your surroundings, so you find what comfort you can here and there. For me today (yesterday?) it was a chai from Caribou at DIA, then helping myself to Reed's chocolate from dinner (he didn't want it, don't worry Mom), then listening to some of my favorite music after giving up on getting any sleep on the flight over. Now I'm at Heathrow Airport in London with a cup of coffee, watching a flow of people walk past with their bags, jackets, briefcases, purses, scarves, backpacks . . . everyone burdened by their comforts.

The biggest comfort on my mind right now is a bed. I can't wait to get to that hotel room! British Airways had the nerve to trot all of the coach passengers past their luxury "Club World" section with chairs that stretch out and have foot rests. Foot rests! Now that's comfort.


  1. Even Gpa sought comfort occasionally while traveling; he would want to stop in the afternoon for a cup of coffee and a chance to stretch. Remember the trip back from Chicago when he rode with you in your unairconditioned (sp.) car? Aunt Rose, another uncomplaining traveler, took a turn, too!

    Love you,

  2. I do remember that! He was made of sturdier stuff than me, that's for sure. Remember when Dad didn't stop for almost 5 hours? That's the closest I'd ever seen Gpa to complaining. :)

  3. There must be something special about Denver area chai - I had one with dinner at India's Castle in Greenwood Village on the last night of my trip there, and it was heavenly.